Years of working alongside movements in Mozambique and Brazil have given me an appreciation of their importance and complexity. Linking traditional movements — their powerful, sustained, offline organizing — with bloggers, online activists, and hackers is a huge challenge.

I previously worked with Diego Casaes at the firm Esfera (now with Avaaz) in São Paulo to explore this issue, and think about how to nurture and sustain bridges between the two. Together we conceived of and created an online case study on the Ficha Limpa anti-corruption campaign. I also hosted a small breakout session at the 2010 Global Voices summit on a related topic.

One of my ongoing fascinations with linking online collaboration with traditional social organizing is the potential of crowdfunding. I hosted a breakout session at Barcamp Nonprofits in which some pioneering NGOs shared their experiences.

And most recently, I have started working with the International Land Coalition to link #opendata activists with groups working to monitor large-scale land concessions in Peru, Cambodia, and Tanzania. The project I am working on, the Land Observatory is a pilot, part of the longer-term Land Matrix.

I recently hosted a panel at the Global Land Forum on “Transparency, Accountability, Open data and Land” - documented here on Storify.

| accompanying on/offline communities
| seeking common languages
| prototyping alternatives

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