Through my work with Global Voices, I have collaborated with some really inspiring people working to promote citizen voices, people expanding the definitions of media. This is an area where I am constantly learning and working, in quite diverse contexts.

Brazilian friends Amanda Rossi and Jamila Venturini successfully designed and raised money in Brazil and internationally for a project in a smalltown in the interior plagued by corruption. “Friends of Januária" will train up youth reporters in online tools to monitor budgets, spending and provision of services in their town.

I have also learned a great deal about citizen reporting from work advising a Brazilian deployment of Ushahidi - Eleitor2010 - a collaborative mapping platform, as well as creating my own mini-deployment during the London riots.

Erik Charas and Adérito Caldeira, the brains behind the innovative @Verdade newspaper in Maputo serve as another great inspiration. Their work with their readers to report on daily life in Mozambique has found an international channel with Global Voices, but we are keen to invest more in their citizen reporter network and promote a new “networked” journalism.

I worked with @Verdade on this from October to December 2011, which led to a series of posts at We documented our crashcourse in the Maputo newsroom at this Tumblr blog “Novo jornalismo em Moçambique”.

In 2012, I shared the @Verdade story at a number of industry, internet and innovation related events, and out of this arose a partnership with Sourcefabric and a winning application to the African News Innovation Challenge.

I coached @Verdade newsrooms and partners on liveblogging and news curation during the local elections in 2013.

| accompanying on/offline communities
| seeking common languages
| prototyping alternatives

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