People who inspire

Eliza Anyangwe - makes people think; makes me laugh at myself

Dimitri Berti - service and strategic designer, and good animator

Erik Charas - go-get-em guru, entrepreneur hell bent on change

Jarat Chopra - humanitarian, scholar, whistleblower

Cori Crider - creatively hacking away at the tentacles of empire

Tin Geber - jack-of-all digital-and-data trades

Dan Mcquillan - hacker of minds, and activist

Sara Moreira - quiet dreamer and a doer from Porto

Angela Morelli - information design and passion for life

Iván Nascimento - eyes-wide-open, thoughtful design

Linda Raftree - INGO ICT goddess, favorite blogger

Ugo Vallauri - geek with critiques, ethical bon vivant

Carolina Vallejo - designer, digital tinkerer and [your label here]

Pedro Rosa Mendes - fearless researcher, writer and ex-journalist

Groups I (have) mingle(d) with

Global Voices

Moving Cause [Portugal]

Transparência Hacker [Brazil]

@ Verdade [Mozambique]

Mindful Maps [UK]

ICT4D tweetup [UK]

International Land Coalition [Italy]

| accompanying on/offline communities
| seeking common languages
| prototyping alternatives

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